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Dyneema Line Sleeving Kit Dyneema Line Sleeving Kit
A complete kit to sleeve / resleeve your dyneema flying lines. Comes with a handy little tool and full instructions.


Price:   £4.49 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Golf Ball Ground Stake Golf Ball Ground Stake
Tired of loosing your ground stake out in the flying field? We now have the answer.

The Spirit of Air ground stake comes complete with a carry pouch that attaches to your belt. The stake is a 23cm solid metal spike with a golf ball handle for easy use and identification when your out flying.


Price:   £10.99 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Kite Killers Kite Killers
Kite killers are designed for use on quad line power/traction kites. Simply attach the kite killers to your braking lines and then using the Velcro attachments, to your wrists.

Kite killers are a safety device for four line kites that enables you to let go of your flying handles in an emergency. The kite killers apply the brakes fully to bring the kite to the ground and avoid your kite flying down wind and causing injury or damage.


Price:   £10.99 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Blank Line Winder Blank Line Winder
This high quality figure of eight line winder is ideal for storing your two or four line kite lines.


Price:   £2.50 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Pair - Heavy Duty Padded Straps Pair - Heavy Duty Padded Straps
These heavy duty padded wrist straps are ideal for flyers that like that added bit of comfort. Ideal for use on larger kites that generate a bit of pull. With a heavy duty metal 'D' ring for attaching your lines to, these straps are built to last.


Price:   £10.99 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Kite Control Bar Kite Control Bar
This dual line control bar by Spirit of Air is designed for optimum control and comfort in flight, with an ergonomically designed grip and line winder ends, this bar is a high quality addition to all dual line power kites.

* Measures 21" (54cm)


Price:   £31.99 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Quad Line Flying Handles (pair) Quad Line Flying Handles (pair)
These quad line handles are designed to give the kite flyer the best in control and comfort. Made from durable aluminium with heavy-duty nylon tails with anchor points to peg the kite down. A moulded foam grip that gives comfort and feel when flying. As supplied with all the Spirit of Air power kite range.


Price:   £14.50 (Including: VAT at 20%)





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