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Garden Lanterns Garden Lanterns
There is no better way to 'light up' any garden party, evening barbeque or special outdoor event than with our Garden Lanterns.

Made from a special flame retardant heavy duty paper our lanterns are ideal for illuminating the edge of a walkway or a drive or can be safely placed on short grass. You can even use them to spell out messages on your lawn!

To use our Garden Lanterns just open the lanterns and place them on a flat surface, next add some sand, grit or small pebbles to weigh them down and finally put one tea-light in the centre of each lantern. Light the tea-light with a long match or taper and that's it. The Garden Lantern is designed to allow air to circulate around the tea-light to keep it burning brightly and also protect it from being blown out by any light gusts of wind. The supplied tea-lights can burn for up to 5 hours.

With careful handling our Garden Lanterns can be folded away after use and reused many times with only the tea-light requiring replacement. Our Garden Lanterns are a square section, they are symmetrical with the same pattern on every side. Supplied in packs of six complete with tea-lights

* 20cm high x 12.5cm square
* Flame retardant high grade paper
* Wax tea light (Up to 5 hours burn time)
* Outdoor use only in low wind conditions


Price:   £2.50 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Solar L.E.D Pole Lights Solar L.E.D Pole Lights
These Solar LED Telescopic Pole lights are designed to comfortably fit on all of our pole sizes from 8m down. Application is easy, simply extend the pole then using a small amount of electrical insulating tape (not supplied) just below the last LED attach the Solar LED Telescopic Pole Lights to the tip section of the pole. Then whilst rotating the pole in your hands unwind the light string evenly down the length of the pole, tape again at the bottom section of the pole. Switch on the controller unit and you are ready to go.

From a full charge of the solar pack (a typical summer's day) you can expect approximately 5-6 hours of illumination of the LED's.

Why not fit more than one set of lights to a pole, you can always mix the colours!

These Pole Lights are available in three colours, either warm white, red or blue. Each is supplied with a solar power pack and 8 function controller and ground stake.

LED string length 800cm
Distance between LED's 10cm
Lead wire to Solar power pack 100cm
LED string wire - black
AA Rechargeable battery included



Warm White 13.00  
Red 13.00  
Blue 13.00  

Chinese Solar Lantern Chinese Solar Lantern
Add a splash of colour to your garden with these gorgeous shower proof, wipe clean, solar powered lanterns. Simply hang the lantern to expose the solar panel to sunlight and it will cleverly light up with a soft glow automatically when it gets dark (or you can switch it off if you prefer). Available in two colours they look pretty by day hanging from a branch of a tree or garden parasol and will brighten up any evening event.

Once fully charged the solar panel will give enough light for up to five hours. We do recommend the lanterns are taken indoors during winter months to prolong their life.

Individually packaged in clear hanging packs complete with a colour header card

* 28cm diameter
* 50cm hanging length
* AAA rechargeable battery included
* Polyester fabric shade

Sold as 1 individual lantern
Choice of 2 colours


Price:   £7.99 (Including: VAT at 20%)


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