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Clearance stock. Massive discount, When thier gone...their gone.
A selection of new items recently added to our catalogue
Diamond KitesDiamond Kites
When someone says kite to you we guarantee the diamond is the shape that automatcally springs to mind, the best known kite there is.
Delta KitesDelta Kites
Delta's are quite possibly the most stable and easiest to fly style of kite there is.
Box, Cellular & Rokkaku KitesBox, Cellular & Rokkaku Kites
Fill the sky with beautiful structures, our modern twist on a classic favourite, box kites, cellular and rokkaku kites of all shapes and sizes.
Dragon KitesDragon Kites
These stunning snake like kites slither across the sky with their long flowing tails.
Flying Boat & Plane KitesFlying Boat & Plane Kites
Watch these boats and aircraft take to the skies. These kites are truly flying wonders.
Creature KitesCreature Kites
Go crazy in the sky with one of our amazing creature kites. These fascinating wacky designs look stunning in the sky at any time of the year.
Mini KitesMini Kites
Small kites look great in small hands, these kites really fly well for their size and look sensational darting across the sky.
Parafoil & Sled KitesParafoil & Sled Kites
Serious fun in small packages, parafoil kites are ready to fly straight out of their bags. No assembly required just connect the flying line and enjoy.
Stunt KitesStunt Kites
A range of two line sports kites suitable for all levels of skill.
Power Kites & AccessoriesPower Kites & Accessories
A range of dual line and quad line power kites and accessories.
Kite AccessoriesKite Accessories
Flying lines, winders and various kite flying accessories.
Hot Air Balloon SpinnersHot Air Balloon Spinners
These colourful balloons will brighten up your garden at any time of the year and as they are made from 100% polyester they will look bright and cheerful in any weather.
Windsocks, Tails & TwistersWindsocks, Tails & Twisters
Bring colour to life with our range of windsocks, tails and twisters. Just the thing for the garden, patio, caravan or even a kite tail.
Windspinners, Windsculptures, WindswimmersWindspinners, Windsculptures, Windswimmers
These colourful creations are ideal for brightening up even the quietest corner of any garden. Made from the best quality materials.
Bunting, Flags & Flag WindsocksBunting, Flags & Flag Windsocks
A vast range of flags, flag windsocks and bunting to brighten up any location
Flag Poles, Telescopic Poles & AccessoriesFlag Poles, Telescopic Poles & Accessories
Our poles are by far the best way to display your windsock, flag or spinner. Other accessories include pole sleeves, ground stakes and pole bags.
Fun Toys, Games & TentsFun Toys, Games & Tents
Flying disks, Pop-up tents, Flying rings, Boomerangs, POI...its time to have some serious outdoor fun.
Kite PartsKite Parts
Various parts used in the building and maintenance of various kites.




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